Bubble Room

Drink Champagne with Abandon

No walls, no inhibitions. The bubble room is our glass encased VIP area, soundproof and designed for gladrag wearing, champagne drinking, table dancing merriment.

The adage women should be seen and not heard is playfully upended in the bubble room. In our glass-walled, sound proof VIP area, debauchery is du jour.

Room Rental Rates

Wed/Thursday/Sunday: $200; Fri/Sat: $300 with a $300 minimum spend for both.

Two hour maximum, a full deposit will be taken at the time of Bubble Room reservation and is non-refundable after 48 hours prior to reservation. 
Full food and cocktail menu available, specialty items upon request in advance also available.

Available for special events, private parties, bachelorettes
and birthdays…

Bubble Room Experience