How it Started.

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown King Street, The Honey Hive is Charleston’s newest elevated destination for craft made cocktails, share plates, decadent dessert and late night revelry. Mirroring many well told stories, theirs began on a barstool. While traveling to her well known island haunt of Key West, Angela tripped and quite literally fell into Michael’s lap. He bought the first of what would be many cocktails, in their fancy yet whirlwind love affair. As they began to travel together, she took him on a romantic trip to her second, long standing travel destination. A place full of artful history, genius culinary landscape and intoxicating southern charm. She introduced him to her beloved Charleston. Traveling to Charleston for over twenty five years, the city captured everything southern that had always lived inside Angela. Believing that the best of life is shared over passed plates, open bottles and inviting conversation, she convinced Michael to take a closer business glance at the city. Hence, The Honey Hive was conceived. Slow strolls through the market, conversations with award winning chefs, inside tips from the valet, historical tours both by bike taxi as well as horse drawn carriage – all brought the idea of late night dessert to life. The Honey Hive went from being a starry eyed dream about desserts, to a real brick and mortar location at 563 King. The Honey Hive will from this moment forward be a place for the fine folks of The Holy City to elegantly dress up and get down. Cheers to all things sweet!

The Hive

Hive comes from the Greek word for cup, and we are here to fill yours.

Our Dream Team.

We have a solid group of creative, self-reliant professionals who source food locally, grow some on-site, and change out seasonally to provide the freshest available ingredients. Our women-based kitchen has a strong work ethic with creativity being the driving force for our beautiful menu offerings. Being dubbed “The cleanest kitchen on King Street” is one of our many mentions of honor. Come experience the love that is put into our food!